I’m an expert cookbook reader. No one has thought longer or harder about how the stories in cookbooks affect the audience and move them to actions that will make the world a better, more just place to eat delicious things.

I’m passionate about making cookbooks that are good and do good.

Book Proposal Consultation

You have a great idea for a cookbook, but you’re not sure how to approach an agent or a publisher. I’ll help you weigh your options for publishers, hone your idea, and make a persuasive proposal for a unique cookbook only you could write.


You’ve got a big draft of a cookbook, but you want some help with editing the chapter introductions and headnotes, especially to make sure that you’re being a good citizen of intellectual property or honoring another culture. I can help with everything from good grammar to avoiding cultural appropriation or other insensitivities.


You’ve got recipes and a great idea, but you’re too busy running your restaurant to take the time that you’d need to write great stories. I can capture your voice in text and build the narratives from interviews to make a book that shows your point of view at its best.


You’re an editor or publisher looking for a pre-production peer reviewer. I do that! Or your cookbook has come out and you are looking for someone to review it for a publication. We can talk about that, too.

Cookbooks are unlike any other kind of writing because they give a reader the instructions to put a story into their body and make it part of who they are. That’s a power that can be harnessed to change the world.

Book a free consultation today.

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